Post Warranty Solutions

Network Dynamics is a comprehensive IT solution provider that focuses on quality and value in the data center. Our core business is third-party IT maintenance and support, designed to either entirely replace or seamlessly blend with OEM maintenance plans. Switching to Network Dynamics saves our customers an average of 40-70% on maintenance costs; and with maintenance comprising 70% of the average IT budgets, that’s a huge amount of money. But the value doesn’t stop there. The level of service we’re able to provide our customers cannot be touched by the OEM. We know each and every one of our customers by name—you’re more than just another account at Network Dynamics Support.

With offices and secure stocking depots positioned near you, meeting or exceeding our service levels is standard. We spare all parts ourselves and house them local to you, wherever you are. And our service levels are 100% customizable—no cookie-cutter contracts or pricing plans.

Most of our customers find incredible value in our maintenance philosophy. Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to pay more money to maintain older equipment. Parts are more abundant and cheaper, and there are more technicians trained to repair machines that have been around for a few years. When the OEM hikes your maintenance costs up just because your equipment is older, they’re just trying to bully you into purchasing newer hardware that you might not even need.

In addition to our straight-forward and comprehensive maintenance services, we offer a number of professional data center services. From hardware procurement, to IMAC, to IT asset disposition, and even IT staffing, Network Dynamics is your trusted IT solutions partner.

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Secure Stocking Locations

Our global system of secure, climate-controlled storage centers means that our team can have the parts you need in hand, fast. If we do not currently have an SSL near you, we will create one to ensure that your business is able to receive our signature top-notch service.

Contract/SLA Options

Network Dynamics offers a variety of Service Level Agreement options that allow you to choose a solution that fits your business’ needs and budget.

There are no penalties for adding or deleting equipment on your contract, so you can adjust your SLA penalty-free anytime. Our 24 x 7 x 365 phone support is standard across all SLAs, and we assign a certified engineer to all support tickets within thirty minutes of submission.

We can also create a custom SLA to reflect your unique maintenance needs. For instance, four-hour response time means we are on site with the part in hand, and NBD means parts are guaranteed to arrive before noon on the following business day.

The Network Dynamics customer portal hosts all your contract information (SLA, nicknames, S/N, etc.) and allows you to submit trouble tickets online. Our team monitors the trouble ticket system around the clock and will ensure a quick resolution to your issue.

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